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Watch Crime movies online free. Discover thousands of latest Crime online. Watch Crime full without Registration for free on 123Movies.

The Blacklist - Season 3

The third season begins with the hunt for Liz related to an attorney general. Meanwhile Red and Liz try to run away from the city with the help of Troll Farmer, a Blacklister. After escaping to...

Bull - Season 2

Season 2 begins with Bull squaring off with his on-again, off-again romantic interest when he joins the district attorney's case against a woman who claims she killed her billionaire husband in...

The Presidio


The Presidio

The film centers on a detective who must return to a military base to figure out the killer. Suddenly, he meets and falls in love with the daughter of his enemy. He wonders to walk on the line...

NCIS - Season 3

In the third season of NCIS, after the tragic loss of Agent Kate Todd, Jethro Gibbs and his partners continues to fight crimes with more dedication and determination than ever before. Despite the...

Never Goin' Back

This movie tells the story of Angela and Jessie, two best friends intent on taking a wild beach trip. But when their roommate loses all of their money in a drug scam, the girls -- blissfully stoned...

Wrong Side of Town

Bobby Kalinowski (Rob Van Dam), a retired Navy SEAL, has to save his kidnapped daughter with help from a former teammate (Dave Batista). But first he’ll have to repair the falling-out they had...

Dirty Pretty Things

This film centers on the discovery of negative sides in London. Okwe is an illegal Nigerian immigrant working for West London hotel. The hotel is place where dirty business such as drug dealing...

Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man

A biker Harley and his cowby friend Marlboro decide to help their old friend rob a corrupt bank when he is subject to lose his bar because the bank wants to build a new complex there and offers 2.5...

New World


New World

New World revolves around the story an inspector infiltrated the country's biggest gangsters organization. Then he got into the war for the tycoon position after former tycoon was murdered.




Wesley Gibson works at a dead-end desk job, takes anti-anxiety medication for panic attacks, and has an unfaithful live-in girlfriend who cheats on him with his friend and colleague, Barry. One...

House of Manson

Charles Manson has an unflinching chronicle life. Such a life leads him up to the orchestration of the Tate and LaBianca murders..

Formula 51


Formula 51

A superb American chemistrician properties to make a big business with drug. But things may not go as smoothly as plan and he increasingly catches in that mess. And what will happen to him?

The Outsider


The Outsider

The military contractor Lex Walker is informed that his daughter has been found dead, but when he returns to Los Angeles, he the cadaver is not his daughter but another one. He decides to start his...

Adam-12 - Season 03

Malloy and Reed blaze through a new opening credits sequence. They try to investigate the beatings of several people in a factory parking lot only to reveal a gambling/loan shark operation with the...

Alex Cross


Alex Cross

The movie follows Alex, a young homicide detective/psychologist, as he meets his match in a serial killer who specializes in torture and pain and is pushed to the brink of his moral and physical...

A Night In Nude: Salvation

A Night In Nude: Salvation film content: The story is about a man who can do anything to have money. A woman who has hired him to find a watch. But he knows it is a lie. Problems are ahead. Watch the...

Man on a Ledge

An ex-cop and now wanted fugitive (Sam Worthington) stands on the ledge of a high-rise building and he only accpets to speak to negotiator Lydia Mercer. But when she tries to talk him down, she...

Desperate Hours

The film follows the cat-and-mouse game between the psychotic killer Michael Bosworth and the talented FBI agent Tim Cornell. Things become more complicated when Bosworth's lawyer, Nancy Breyers, is...

Rattle The Cage

Directed by Majid Al Ansari, the film centers on a man trapped in a prison cell waiting to make bail. But being incarcerated is the least of his problems as he is forced to play a madman's game to...

City Of God


City Of God

Rocket and Li'l Dice are the boys growing up in a favela called the Cidade de Deus ("City of God") near Rio de Janeiro in 1960s, where crime dominates the poor population. But they have different...

Marathon Man


Marathon Man

New York graduate student and marathon runner Thomas "Babe" Levy is unwittingly caught in the middle of an international conspiracy involving stolen diamonds, an exiled Nazi war criminal, and a rogue...

Maria Full Of Grace

Maria, a seventeen-year-old girl, live in a small village on the outskirts with her mother, grandmother, older sister and her younger brother. She works on a farm under the control of a prissy...

Law & Order: True Crime - Season 1

This series delves into the 1996 murder trial of the Menendez brothers, the crime and the media circus, detailing the day-to-day battles of the trial and unveiling the shocking truth of what really...

Lethal Weapon 4

In this part, foursome Captain Martin Riggs, Roger Murtaugh and Lee Butters, Leo Getz investigated the mystery behind a series of crimes related to the smuggling and counterfeiting of immigrants. All...

iZombie - Season 4

Season 4 opens with Liv having a surprising vision while investigating the murder of a Seattle Seahawk superfan; Major mentoring young, homeless zombies; Ravi carrying a torch for Peyton; Blaine...

Kill Kapone


Kill Kapone

In this realistic, hyper-violent action drama, Ronnie Alvarez stars as Kapone, an ex-member of an L.A street gang, who must find ways to escape from his old "friends". While following Kapone in his...




Just as fast-talking diamond dealer Kyle is about to leave for a business transaction, his house is suddenly invaded by a gang of robbers masquerading as police. As they're held for ransom, he and...

The Matador


The Matador

Julian Noble, a notorious assassin suddenly realizes life is so boring when he has no friend. One day, Julian meets Danny Wright, a businessman who was being pursued by bad luck. Julian and Danny...




Laura (1944) is a American black and white detective film. The film tells a story about a police detective falls in love with Laura, who is the victim of a murder he is investigating. Secrets and...
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