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Black-ish - Season 2

“Black-ish” season 2 still turns arround the events in a funny black-ish family. There are many new and old friends appearing in this season for example Dre’s best friend, a woman from the world of fashion, and a new friend of the oldest daughter Zoey named Resheida who has grown up without a father. This black-ish family never makes anyone feel indifferent, always gets fun and happiness together.

The Swan Princess

The story of a princess who is undergone a fate of witch. She will be turned into a swan and need a real love of price to break the fate.

Flight Of Dragons

An amzing animated movie: about an adventure of a young Boston writer to the past when wizards, dragon reign and science still were not known, Let's follow him in this interesting movie to look at the past life

Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow

The teenage offspring (Noah Crawford, Aidan Drummond, Brenna O'Brien) of famous superheroes must finish the fight their parents started, destroying the machine that defeated their parents.

Camp Rock 2 The Final Jam

Mitchie and Shane decide to spend their summer making music to have fun with their friends and band mates because she cannot wait until she returns to camp rock. However, Mitchie must try to find the ways to run the Camp Rock and prepare for a battle against Camp Star, a rival camp when it is opened across the lake by a famous producer Alex Turner.

Swiss Family Robinson

On a voyage, Swiss family suffered from a shipwreck and head to a lush tropical island. Being castaways, they have to carve out new lives for themselves. In spite of their continuous hope to return their old house, they are gradually close to the island and don’t want to go home anymore.

Shrek 2


Shrek 2

After defeating the dragon and lord Farquaad to win the heart of Princess Fiona; Shrek ogress now lives a peaceful life. Their lives will br peaceful if the monarch and queen Far don't want to meet them. A plan is made to abolish Shrek to find a new prince consort

Going For Gold

Seventeen-year-old Emma moves from the USA to Australia with her Airforce officer father. At her new high school, she introduces the art of cheerleading to a group of misfits.

Miracle on 34th Street (1994)

A Christmas film directed by Les Mayfield and starring Richard Attenborough, Elizabeth Perkins,Dylan McDermott. The film is a remake of the classic play with the same name and features the faith in Santa Claus of a six year old girl named Susan. Little Susan has always doubt about the existence of Santa Claus until a precious gift is sent prove it's true.




Popstar ( Also Known As: Gwiazda popu) is a Comedy Family Romance film directed by Richard Gabai and written by Timothy Barton . It released on 8 November 2005 (USA). The film stars Aaron Carter, Alana Austin, David Cassidy. A teenage girl's life gets turned upside down when a new school friend turns out to be a pop star.

Barbie Mariposa and the Fairy Princess

Mariposa becomes the royal ambassador of Flutterfield and is sent to make peace with the Crystal Fairies of Shimmervale. There she makes best friends with the Fairy Princess. When an evil fairy tries to steal all of the crystals in Shimmervale, the duo must team up to save the kingdom and discover friendship overcomes any obstacle.

Like Mike 2: Streetball

The next installment of series "Like Mike". This film is about another boy suddenly becomes a superstar after he finds an old pair of Michael Jordan's sneakers. What makes this miracle ? Let's come to this funny movie

The Next Step - Season 03

Family’s fan-favourite dance drama The Next Step follows the lives of a group of elite dancers at The Next Step Dance Studio as they pursue their dreams to win the national dance title. They discuss season 3, The Next Step Live on Stage tour, and much more!

Evan Almighty


Evan Almighty

The new congressman Evan Baxter is informed by God about an upcoming devastating flood, so he takes responsibility of building a great ark to prepare for it. But his behavior and his change of appearance after that cause doubt to others and they don't believe that he got the message from God, leading Evan to be fired from Congress and left alone by his wife.

Sabrina The Teenage Witch - Season 4

Harvey's best friend, Brad Alcerro, enrolls at Westbridge High, and is always hostile towards Sabrina due to a rare witch-hunting gene that he has. Things get worse for Sabrina when she discovers Mr. Kraft has been made principal, and best friend, Valerie, who was meant to spend her senior year living with Sabrina and her aunts, decides to stay with her family in Alaska...

You Wish!


You Wish!

A teen accidentally wishes his younger brother away! Belatedly realizing not only that he misses his pesky kid brother, but he doesn't really like being an "only child," he then searches high and low for a way to undo his fateful wish.

Free Rein - Season 2

American 15-year-old Zoe spends the summer on an island off the coast of the United Kingdom to visit her British grandfather which was where her mother lived when she was young. There Zoe creates a special bond with a mysterious, wild, and beautiful horse. She also struggles with boys and horse thieves.

The Adventure of Pinocchio

Heartfelt puppet-maker Geppetto happens to discover one of his creation, made-of-pinetree Pinocchio is mysteriously animated and and they get closer as Geppetto begins teaching him how to behave. With the help of Geppetto, Pinocchio learns how to act responsibly, in order to make his deram of being a real boy come true.

Richie Rich


Richie Rich

Based on the famous Harvey comic book character Richie Rich, this action comedy stars Macaulay Culkin as Richie, a rich young boy who possesses everything that a man could dream of. He later finds out about an evil plan targetting his family and along with his new friends and the wacky Professor Keenbean, Richie must use his cunning to save his parents.

Chasing Leprechauns

The film follows Michael Garrett, an overworked traveling corporate fixer who travels to Ireland to gain approval from the local pixie expert before he can close a deal on a proposed job site believed to be inhabited by leprechauns.

Rodeo Girl


Rodeo Girl

‘’ Rodeo Girl ‘’ follows Priscilla, a young horse rider who is sent to live with her cowboy father in the summer, where she is trained to be the best horse rider in order to compete in Rodeo Tournaments. Will she and her horse Lucky Lad win the championship at the National Youth Rodeo?

Casa Vita


Casa Vita

An Iowa farmer who moved to LA to attend a major league baseball camp romances the chef at the restaurant where he works. His future looks bright until an injury jeopardizes his dream of becoming a baseball player.

Angels Sing


Angels Sing

Micheal stops enjoying Christmas holiday since his awful accident. Along with his family and Nick - a mysterious man, Micheal learned to get over the past and rebuild his holiday spirit.

Santa's Bootcamp

The movie tells a tale about six teenagers, an elf strike and saving Christmas. When kids become so bratty and self-centered that Santa's elves go on strike, Santa, in desperation, must bring the six unscrupulous youths to his boot camp to help save Christmas.




A journey of a zebra: Khumba is rejected by his herd. So it embarks on a daring quest to earn his stripes. But Khumba has to face with many dangers, what will happen with Khumba? Let's come to this movie for the answer

Little Savages

Film is directed by Paul Tomborello. Visiting the charming lake town of Culver, a boy genius and his sister race against bullies to find a treasure hidden by an eccentric philanthropist.

The Legend Of Secret Pass

An unlikely troop of animals and humans are caught up in a clash of ageless magic. In this moment of crisis, the barest chance to avoid cataclysm falls into the hands of an Indian boy, Manu.

Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed

An anonymous masked villain threatens the city of Coolsville with a monster machine that re-creates classic monsters such as The Pterodactyl Ghost, The Black Knight and The 10,000 Volt Ghost. Mystery Inc. including Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy and Scooby-Doo must have to stop the villian and save the city.

Ghost Squad


Ghost Squad

“Ghost Squad” tells a story of Charlie, Alex and Nick, three unusual kids, not cool to the others arround their small town. They spend time pursuing mythical beasts and ghosts, but they totally know nothing about what will happen to them later.
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