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History Movies Online

Watch History movies online free. Discover thousands of latest History online. Watch History full without Registration for free on 123Movies.




The film follows two young friends: Frank (Gibson) and Archy (Mark Lee) living in Australia have the same beliefs. One day, they join the army during World War I and are in danger with deadly...

Deadwood - Season 3

In this season, elections are just days away, and Bullock lets his temper get away from him. Alma's pregnancy is not progressing as expected, and Swearengen baits Hearst. Campaign speeches are...

Wondrous Boccaccio

A group of ten young friends hide out from a deadly disease in the countryside during the 1300's. To pass the time, each child tells a story that helps them cope with the uncertainties of life.




JFK revolves around district attorney Jim Garrison, who discovers some mysterious facts about the death of U.S President John F.Kennedy. Assembling a trusted group of people, Garrison carries out his...

The Color Of Fire

Dorian Warneck tells the story of his father, Diether Warneck, who had served Hitler and was indeed a Nazi soldier during the last days of the Second World War. Recalling the series of events that...




Inspired by the true story of the Black September aftermath, the film is about five men who chosen to track down and assassinate 11 people believed to haved taken part in the 1972 Munich massacre....

Drunk History - Season 4

Booze, puking, nudity, Drunk History is back with more soused lessons on the past! In the season premiere, LSD guru Timothy Leary breaks out of prison; a sailor attempts a bold rescue from Devil's...

1939 Battle Of Westerplatte

The film is about a fierce war, an epic of the first battle of World War II. Battle Westerplatte started on September 1, 1939 will forever be remembered as one of the opening battles of the Second...

The Great Escape

In this true-story based classic from John Sturges, a group of Allied POW are planning an impossible escape from a Nazis detention camp. This is the story about solidarity, bravery and sacrifices,...

The Promise


The Promise

The movie depicts a love triangle that develops between Mikael, an Armenian medical student, Chris, a Paris-based American journalist, and Ana, an Armenian-born woman raised in France, during the...

Hatfields & McCoys Part 2

The second part of Hatfields & McCoys keeps centering on the conflict between the Hatfields and McCoys. It is opened as Randall and Anse see each other at a party, they pass silently. The McCoys...




The film tells the true story of charismatic Ward Allen, who leaves behind a life of privilege during the early 1900s in Savannah to live free on a river, as a duck hunter. 

The 15:17 to Paris

Directed by Clint Eastwood, this movie tells the real life story of three Americans who play themselves in the film as they work together to stop the 2015 Thalys train attack.

Ghost Adventures - Season 17

Paranormal investigator Zak Bagans leads his team of co-investigators Nick Groff and Aaron Goodwin at haunted locations both in America and abroad, interviewing locals about alleged hauntings before...

Sleepy Hollow - Season 1

Ichabod Crane is resurrected and pulled two and a half centuries into 21st century to discover a secret that dates all the way back to the founding fathers while being aware that his enemy, the...




Based on the true story, the movie is inspired by the beginning and the end of Karen Silkwood who is a woker at a plutonium processing plant. Karen is intentionally contaminated, psychologically...

Beneath Hill 60

Set during World War I, a series of mines filled with explosive charges are placed beneath German lines to aid the advance of British troops. The 1st Australian Tunnelling Company attempts to...

Lambert and Stamp

The documentary film is inspired by two aspiring filmmakers Chris Stamp and Kit Lambert. Searching a subject for their underground movie leads them to discover, mentor and manage an English rock band...

Solomon and Sheba

Thanks to the prophecy from God, Solomon can now succeed his father and become the new King of Israel. Unfortunately, his brother Adonijah is not happy about the decision and vows to fight against...

Ghost Adventures - Season 4

In this season, Zak and his fellow investigators set out to explore paranormal activities in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, with three separating lock-down locations. The first one takes place at the...




Raising 11 children while wrestling with gender bias, union defeat and victory, and nearly dying after a San Francisco Police beating, Dolores Huerta bucks 1950s gender conventions to co-found the...

The American West - Season 1

The series follows the stories and struggles of the West's most infamous outlaws such as Jesse James, Billy the Kid, Wyatt Earp, Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull as they fight for their land and identity.

Storm: Letters van Vuur

The film is set in 1521 Antwerp, in a Europe ravaged by religious wars, and during the early years of the Reformation. It tells the story of the twelve year old, Falko Voeten – a printer’s son....

[16+] A Frozen Flower

A historical drama set in the Koryo dynasty and focused on the relationship between a king and his bodyguard. The King then asks his lover to sleep with the Queen, with unexpected consequences.

I Called Him Morgan

On a snowy night in February 1972, celebrated jazz musician Lee Morgan was shot dead by his wife Helen during a gig at a club in New York City. The movie explores the relationship between Morgan and...

Nicholas and Alexandra

The film begins in 1904, with the tsarina, Alexandra (Janet Suzman), finally giving birth to an heir, Alexei. But because her marriage proves unpopular with the Russian people, the infant's acute...

Rome - Season 2

In this season, in the wake of Caesar's death, Mark Antony considers a move north, while Vorenus issues a curse he soon regrets. Lucius Vorenus, the power-hungry "Son of Hades", controls the Aventine...
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