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Watch Mystery movies online free. Discover thousands of latest Mystery online. Watch Mystery full without Registration for free on 123Movies.

Mysteries at the Museum - Season 12

In this season, Don Wildman examines a town gripped by a bizarre plague, the mix-up that spawned a holiday tradition and a woman's quest to take on the world. Later, Don uncovers the truth behind a...




A group of young backpackers find themselves in the clutches of an underground organ harvesting ring after a bus accident leaves them marooned in a remote Brazilian rural area.

Gotham - Season 2

Season 2 is developed when Gotham discover the life stories and origins of cruel characters for example Super Villains group, the Riddler, the Joker and Mr.Freeze. Moreover, Bruce Wayne finds out...

House M.D. - Season 7

As the season 7 of House M.D opens, House and Cuddy take the day off in attempt to rebuild their relationship. House and his team race against time to help an author who is suffering a sudden attack...

How to Get Away With Murder - Season 3

In this season, the "Keating 5" begin their second year of law school with perhaps more baggage than they can handle. Annalise's job is in jeopardy as she clashes with the university's board....

Blood Honey


Blood Honey

Jenibel Heath returns to her isolated family farm after a long absence to take care of her terminally ill father. There she finds herself stuck in a life threatening nightmare.

The Witch


The Witch

Set in 1630s New England, the movie centers arround a family which is separated by the forces of witchcraft and dark magic. William and Katherine follow Christian life, live on the edge of a...

True Blood - Season 5

Season 5 opens with Sookie and Lafayette fighting to save Tara; Bill and Eric facing the Vampire Authority; Tara going hunting for food and Sookie and Lafayette can't catch up to her...

Chernobyl Diaries

A group of 6 young people like exploring and adventuring decided to hire a tour guide to exploring a deserted small town near where happened the terible Chernobyl nuclear disaster. The car that they...

Minority Report (2002)

In a future where a special police unit is able to arrest murderers before they commit their crimes, John Anderton, the head of this Precrime unit, is himself accused of the future murder of a man he...

Homicide: Life on the Street - Season 3

As a crime, drama, mystery TV series, season 3 is a compelling look in and around a Homicide unit of the Baltimore Police Department. They have to investigate and find the killers who make some cases...




Mi-Ju was an aspiring cellist, but quit the field after being involved in a car accident. Her best friend & rival Tae-Yeon died in the accident. After Mi-Ju brings a cello home, strange events start...

Abandoned Mine

The film follows five small-town school friends who celebrate Halloween with an overnight adventure into the legendary "haunted" Jarvis Mine, only to find to their horror that the ghostly rumors may...

Orphan Black - Season 3

Sarah (Tatiana Maslany) realizes that Topside killed six clones over 24 hours and he has intention to assassinate her, Cosima and Alison. Leda and Castor are both on the hunt for original clone DNA....




Christian (Robert Hoffman) and his girlfriend get into a trouble when they rescue a woman lying on the beach.

The Flash - Season 1

the science fiction American movie focused on Barrey Allen who became a super power person after hitten by a Harrison Wells particle accelerator . Woke up after 6 months with a totally different...

Roswell - Season 2

In this season, Max and the others must rescue Michael after he is arrested for murder; Liz takes a job with a congresswoman who has a hidden agenda. Brody Davis, the mysterious new curator at the...

Dark Exorcism


Dark Exorcism

Veronica (Lynn Justinger), a skeptical psychology grad student teams up with paranormal specialist Dr. Kearne (Fiona Horrigan) to investigate a potentially haunted home and the troubled woman inside...

Endeavour - Season 4

Season 4 of the series continues featuring the quest to maintain justice of Endeavour and Thursday. But when a corpse is discovered at East Cowley Slipper Baths, the pair are not prepared to face...




Shocked by the death of his father, Kale becomes troublesome and disruptive that the court forced him into custody at home. His only pastime is using binoculars to track activities neighbors....

Crook's Tour


Crook's Tour

Charters and Caldicott take a vacation in unoccupied Europe. They cross the path of a seemingly dedicated Nazi lass who is actually loyal to the British crown. Laughs are in abundance, but the verbal...

Fire in the Sky

The film is inspired by the events happening to the inhabitants of a small town which begin when Travis Walton is reported to be abducted by an extraterrestrial force. The local sheriff has doubt...




Set in Wetherby in West Yorkshire, the story follows middle-aged spinster Jean Travers, who has never married due to her tragic past. Her idyllic life is turned up-side-down when a strange young man...

Lie To Me - Season 1

The series follows the world's leading deception researcher Dr. Cal Lightman and his colleagues at The Lightman Group, as they solve crimes using applied psychology by interpreting microexpressions...

NCIS Los Angeles - Season 10

Chris O'Donnell and LL Cool J star in this second show in the `NCIS' franchise, which focuses on the high-stakes world of the Office of Special Projects (OSP) in Los Angeles. Highly trained agents go...

The Lowe Files - Season 01

Rob Lowe and his two sons decide to have an adventure to explore infamous unsolved mysteries. What will happen with a curiosity that Rob has had since his early childhood days and has now been passed...

The Americans - Season 1

The series is the story of Elizabeth and Philip Jennings, two Soviet KGB officers posing as U.S. citizens and a married couple to spy on the American government. Along the way, Philip faces...

Murder 101: If Wishes Were Horses

The film follows criminology professor Dr. Jonathan Maxwell, who investigates the case of a missing champion thoroughbred horse. Things get even more complicated when a family member of a horse owner...

A Gentle Creature

A woman living alone receives a parcel she had sent to her incarcerated husband, marked 'return to sender'. Shocked and confused, the woman has no choice but to travel to the prison in a remote...
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