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The Other Half

The movie is about a man, suffering the effects of long-term grief, who forges a deep bond with a young woman with bipolar disorder. Together, they struggle to lead a simpler life. The Other Half is a moving and realistic depiction of how mental illness can affect family and relationships.

Madame (2017)


Madame (2017)

Anne and Bob, an American couple living in Paris, organize a dinner party and invite their wealthy friends. Anne asks her maid, Maria, to pretend to be a rich Spanish friend and join the table to even out the number of guests. Maria meets David, a British aristocrat. They both like each other and continue their relationship.

Two Much


Two Much

The film centers on a young gallerist- Art who falls in love with two sisters. One day, one of them wants to get married with him and everything becomes chaos which makes him trouble to resolve.

IO (2019)


IO (2019)

The movie centers on a young scientist searching for a way to save a dying Earth as finds a connection with a man who's racing to catch the last shuttle off the planet.




In the year of 1971, Delphine, a young and naive country girl, meets and becomes impressed by another woman named Carole, who is a teacher and feminist militant. When her father gets serious sick, she has to return home to run the family farm and apart from Carole. Carole follows her to the farm but they must seek for acceptance from other people to continue their affair.

Sex And The City - Season 1

Sex and the City - Season 1 was made in the hit TV series ''Sex and the City'', talks about the emotional life of four best friends: Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda. Four friends in New York show their sex lives.

Amelia 2.0


Amelia 2.0

After his wife Amelia suffers an aneurysm that leaves her bedridden and slowly dying, police officer Carter Summerland lets a corporation place her mind in an artificial body. However, he soon finds that she may not be the same person he knew before the transplant.




Popstar ( Also Known As: Gwiazda popu) is a Comedy Family Romance film directed by Richard Gabai and written by Timothy Barton . It released on 8 November 2005 (USA). The film stars Aaron Carter, Alana Austin, David Cassidy. A teenage girl's life gets turned upside down when a new school friend turns out to be a pop star.

Two for the Seesaw

After having recently separated from his wife, lawyer Jerry Ryan has moved to a shabby apartment in New York to get away from it. There he meets up with Gittel Mosca, an impoverished dancer from Greenwich Village, and the two try to straighten out their lives together.

Shame (Skam) - Season 02

The story begins when Noora and Vilde is in disagreement over sponsors for the bus. Noora's flatmates Eskild and Linn are introduced. Noora makes effort to avoid William who has become very pushy in his advances towards her.

My Favorite Five

Hailey is a conceited, professional woman and self-proclaimed serial dater with no interest in marriage, who dates different men who possess diverse qualities until she meets Christopher, a handsome businessman who seemingly has it all five of her most coveted qualities.

It Happened One Night

A spoiled heiress, running away from her family, is helped by a man who is actually a reporter in need of a story.

Goal! The Dream Begins

Santiago Munez is a very talented football player. Born in a poor family of Mexico, it seems impossible for him to make his dream come true: become a professional footballer. One day, everything changes when he's given the chance to chase his dream down.

The Next Step - Season 03

Family’s fan-favourite dance drama The Next Step follows the lives of a group of elite dancers at The Next Step Dance Studio as they pursue their dreams to win the national dance title. They discuss season 3, The Next Step Live on Stage tour, and much more!

Fishing Naked


Fishing Naked

Fishing Naked is a film about four young adults being bad in the woods. They set up fake Bigfoot scene to frighten tourists, sassy with older people, drinking and using drug. Only until the gang discover an architecture of aliens right in their forest they accidentally discover. This time, they all have to play a final largest trick to fix their mistakes, mend friendships have tended to crack and bring peace to this region.

The Virgin Suicides

Set in the suburbs of Michigan during the mid-1970s, the story follows a group of men who are friends from their childhood now think about their obsessions about the five Lisbon sisters aging from 13 to 17. The sisters living with their strict and religious parents become mysterious girls that fill the boys’ dreams and conversations.

The Wrong Girl - Season 1

The series follows Lily Woodward, a producer on a morning television show, and what happens when life, love and friendships collide. Brimming with exuberance, optimism and cheeky energy, it is a sharp, playful and fresh fresh look at men and women, friendship, work and family.

Glee - Season 1

A musical drama revolves around high school singing group called '' New Directions ''. They always practice and look for new ideas to be able to represent their schools to participate in various music competitions. However, the members of the group have to face with internal problems such as emotional relationships, sexuality and the connection in the student community ...

So I Married an Axe Murderer

The story centers on a poor poet named Charlie, who does not have much fortune with women. Finally, Charlie finds for himself a woman named Harriet whom he thinks is his dream girl and everything seems so great to the couple. But Charlie starts to suspect that Harriet is hiding a deadly secret about a serial killer.

Daria - Season 3

In the third season, Helen suggests that Daria get contact lenses after a bad-driving lesson, which Daria eventually agrees upon. However, Daria finds the contact lenses extremely uncomfortable and doesn't want to wear them anymore. Later, Daria is forced to work side by side with Kevin at a mall nut stand.

Hit the Floor - Season 2

In this season, Ahsha heats things up with Derek and clashes with Jelena and Sloane; Pete's estranged wife arrives; the Devils break ground on their new arena; Zero sets his sights on Jelena.




Sergeant Michael Dunne, a soldier, was seriously wounded in the French battlefield and taken to Calgar. While at a military hospital in Calgary, Michael met Sarah, a mysterious and seductive nurse. Since then, their passionate love had flourished.

Words and Pictures

A flamboyant English teacher and a new, stoic art instructor form a rivalry that ends up with a competition at their school in which students decide whether words or pictures are more important.

Shes Out Of My League

An average Joe meets the perfect woman, but his lack of confidence and the influence of his friends and family begin to pick away at the relationship.

The View from Here

In the wake of bad press and personal demons returning to haunt him, a Bay Area chef must learn to cope with his struggling relationship and the death of his father.

From Friend to Fiancé

Jess Parks (Hudon) has a good job, great friends and a cool apartment in the city. She has it all, except the ability to find her perfect match that would appreciate her quirky humor and outgoing nature. The only person that ever truly understood Jess is her lifelong Best Friend Ted (Paevey). Jess and Ted grew up together as neighbors in the suburbs and were inseparable. When Ted reveals to Jess that he’s getting married and asks her to be his Best Man, or in this case Best Woman at his wedding, Jess is happy until she finds out that he’s marrying her high school rival and mean girl Kimberly Kentwood (Kruger). As Jess and Ted spend time together planning his big day, Jess realizes that her perfect match has been Ted all the time but is it too late to be his BFF bride?

Eat Pray Love


Eat Pray Love

Liz Gilbert seems to have everything a modern woman needs. However, deep down her heart, she haven't found what she is truly living for yet. Risking everything, she sets out to travel around the world to change her life. It soon becomes a quest for self-discovery as she experience different culture around the world.

The Missionaries

The Missionaries tells about Lambert, a strang man. He is a sex addict. And there is a women who tries to seduce him, he wants to build a healthy relationship with her... one not based on sex. What await ahead? Let's discovery by yourself.

He's Just Not That Into You

In this cinematic adaption of the best-selling book by Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo, Gigi (Ginnifer Goodwin) likes real estate salesman Connor (Kevin Connolly) who is stuck on semi-girlfriend Anna (Scarlett Johansson) who likes Ben (Bradley Cooper) who has to, understandably, struggle with his attraction to her and staying faithful to his wife, Janine (Jennifer Connelly) who works with Beth (Jennifer Aniston), who is getting more and more neurotic that long-time boyfriend Neil (Ben Affleck) refuses to get married.
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