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The Wire - Season 2

The second season, along with its ongoing examination of the drug problem and its effect on the poor urban, examines the plight of the blue-collar urban working class as exemplified by stevedores in...

First In Human - Season 01

In this, from the first use of chemotherapy for cancer, lithium for depression, and immunosuppressive therapy for lupus, NIH'S Building 10 has been at the forefront of the world's medical...

Chernobyl - Miniseries

In April 1986, an explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics becomes one of the world's worst man-made catastrophes.

The Sopranos - Season 3

In the third season of the original crimibal series, the relationship between Tony and his children is centered as Meadow starts her first year at Columbia University, and Anthony Jr. causes troubles...

The Sopranos - Season 5

The story of season five centers on the return of two outstanding members of the DiMeo family, Tony Blundetto and Feech La Manna, who are a bit out of touch after their long stay in prison and try...

Sherlock - Season 4

Based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes detective stories, the BBC and WGBH Boston produce a series named Sherlock that first airs in 2010. Ten episodes have been produced and a special...

Life Story - Season 1

Following Professor David Attenborough, the film features the effort of animals to face against challenges in different stages of life, including growing from the first steps, gaining independence,...

Crawford - Season 1

This series follows the daily lives of the world’s most functioning dysfunctional family home overrun by raccoons.

The Haunting of Hill House - Season 1

The Haunting of Hill House, Netflix's adaptation of Shirley Jackson's seminal 1959 gothic-horror novel of the same name, avoids the blood and guts from most titles that we see this time of year, and...

Batman: The Dark Knight

The lives of the residents of Gotham City turned upside down by a series of murders occur without finding the culprit. The one behind all is Joker, who is hired to eliminate Batman.

Friends - Season 2

Talking about each couples’ routines, the sophomore season reveals more closely to their lives in every life obstacles they may have. Time passes and people changed. This is the unwritten rule that...




If it is a genuine fan of Korean history, Hwajung is definitely a movie you can't ignore. Hwajung tells about the son of a concubine and secondary heir, people in power aspirations. They could do...

The Twilight Zone - Season 5

In this season, a man, newly recovered from a nervous breakdown, becomes convinced that a monster only he sees is damaging the plane he's flying in. A man is given a stopwatch that halts time. A...

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life - Season 1

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life picks up almost 10 years after viewers said goodbye to the Gilmores in 2007. This series finds each of our ​leading ladies, Lorelai, Rory and Emily Gilmore, at a...

Navy SEALs Americas Secret Warriors - Season 2

Disciplined, determined, and deadly: Navy SEAL snipers may well be the most dangerous predators on earth. Their exhaustive training not only makes them world-class marksmen, but also experts in small...




Vishwanathan is a Kathak dance teacher in New York, in a quite happy marriage with Nirupama - a nuclear specialist. Conflicts arise, she hires a detective to track her husband, and then everything...

The Phantom of the Opera at the Royal Albert Hall

The Phantom of the Opera 25th Anniversary is attracted 200 cast members, orchestra musicians. The audience has a chance to experience one of the most beautiful song of all times with perfect...




Set in 1971, Kris is sentenced to two years in a rural Borstal. Will his passion for music and his elicit encounters with the beautiful Sally, wife of a screw, see him through his sentence?

1 Buck


1 Buck

Shifting from one pocket to another, from one man's drama to another, a dollar makes its way through a forgotten town in Louisiana, starting with a cop named Harry who gives it to his nephew.

Seinfeld - Season 2

Four single friends, comic Jerry Seinfeld, bungling George Costanza, frustrated working gal Elaine Benes and eccentric neighbor Cosmo Kramer, deal with the absurdities of everyday life in New York...

Seinfeld - Season 3

Emmy award-winning "Seinfeld" is one of the most popular shows on the air. Mining his rich comedic resources, Jerry Seinfeld provides a hysterical look at life as a single adult in the '90s. Along...

Seinfeld - Season 7

The misadventures of Jerry Seinfeld and his friends continue in this seventh season of Seinfeld, where George gets engaged to his former girlfriend Susan from season 1. In Season 7, Elaine has a...

Oz - Season 1


Oz - Season 1

Season 1 of this gritty HBO drama series introduces some of the diverse inmates who live within a pecking order of Gangbangers, Latinos, Muslims, Westies, Aryans, and Wiseguys, in the condemned Oz -...

Oz - Season 5


Oz - Season 5

It’s a new year, and Emerald City's got a brand-new look: the walls are cleaned, the cafeteria is widen, and everything gets fresher ... However, it's only what it seems on the outside. Inside the...

Freaks and Geeks - Season 1

An American teenage comedy drama following Lindsay Weir, a teen girl who tries to change her public image as an academically proficient student, star "mathlete" to a rebellious teenager hanging out...

Black Mirror - Season 1

Set in a dystopian, sarcastic version of the future, in which everyone is compelled to live a life of physical drudgery, the television anthology series shows the dark side of life and technology.

Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda - Season 6

In this season, the investigation into the apparent suicide of a 13 year old turns up evidence indicating that it was murder. Later, a barrio birthday party is marred by violence and murder, and an...

Power Rangers Ninja Steel - Season 24

The film follows an extraordinary team of superhuman power rangers attempting to use their new ninja powers to fight against monsters and save the universe. What challenge will they face?

Star Trek 9: Insurrection

Sublieutenant Data takes part in a Federal's campaign in which the So'a race monitors the Ba'ku race. They wear invisibility cloaks so that nobody can see them. Suddenly Data take the cloak off....
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