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2007 Movie Online

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Eye in the Sky (2007)

Also known as "Gun Chung", this crime thriller stars Simon Yam as Sergeant Wong Man-chin, the head of the SU (Surveillance Unit), a dedicated unit of cops whose job is to follow, listen, and learn - but they must never engage their quarry. When "Piggy" breaks the primary rule of the SU during a particularly sensitive mission on the streets of Kowloon, Shan retaliates by striking back at the unit with everything he's got.

Stomp The Yard

After the death of his brother, DJ moves to study at Truth University. Here he falls in love with April, the girlfriend of Hanson - a member of the dance group Wolf. Wolf team won national award for 6 consecutive years. In the film, DJ joins Python team - opponent of Wolf to help this team win Wolf.

The Death and Life of Bobby Z

“The Death and Life of Bobby Z” is a story of a prisoner named Tim Kearney who can get freedom if he agrees with the offer of a DEA agent Tad Gruzsa: impersonating Bobby Z, a drug lord who already deceased due to a heart attack in Thailand. However, everything does not go on as planned and Kearney run away with Bobby Z’s 12-year-old son.

Robot Chicken - Season 03

All the people killed in the 2nd season finale return as zombies. The Defenders of the Earth accept their limitations. Shout On and Shout Off with The Shouter. The Decepticon Soundwave discovers he’s a little dated. People can lose at The Game of Life.

Are We Done Yet?

Newlyweds Nick and Suzanne decide to move to the suburbs to provide a better life for their two kids. The contractor they hire to renovate their home has a rather odd way of doing business, complicating the family's move. Matters spiral further out of control when the contractor clashes with Nick but bonds with Suzanne and the children.

Young Dracula - Season 2

In this season, Vlad and Ingrid are kidnapped by Van Helsing, the Count is shocked when discovering that Ivan the Bloodthirsty is now living blood-free and calling himself Harvey.

Monk - Season 6

Season 6 opens with Monk finding himself in the employ of his biggest fan, Marci Maven when a deceased dog is accused of murder. Obsessive-compulsive meets completely obsessed.

Private Practice - Season 1

The series takes place at Seaside Wellness Center and chronicles the life of Dr. Addison Montgomery as she escapes from a dysfunctional love triangle, leaving her friends and foes at Seattle Grace Hospital behind for a fresh start in Los Angeles.

Frasier - Season 5

Frasier - Season 5 is a Sitcom film directed by David Angell, Peter Casey, David Lee and based on The character Frasier Crane. It released on September 23, 1997. The film stars Kelsey Grammer, Jane Leeves, David Hyde Pierce. The story continues from the previous episode ("Odd Man Out"), after Frasier spontaneously decides to board a plane to Acapulco with Joanna. She soon switches seats after learning this. While reading a magazine, he realizes that the model in it is actually the woman sitting next to him on the plane, who introduces herself as Kelly Easterbrook

The Big Bang Theory - Season 1

The film revolves around the lives of two men, Leonard and Sheldon. They have a new neighbor, a girl and Leonard determines to pursue her. All people have quite common think is that he was talented scientists. The story leads the viewer into a gentle idyllic life full of laughter.

National Treasure: Book Of Secrets

Considered as a successful film, it tells about the period between the 19th century. Abraham Lincoln's assassination caused a huge commotion. 18 secret pages in the diary of John Wiles Booth, the assassin disappeared. This was a mysterious treasure of the country that...

Because I Said So

Daphne is an unconditionally loving but over-bearing mother of three girls, Maggie, Mae and Milly. While her two older sisters seems prosperous in both personal and professional lives, Milly just can't get things right no matter how hard she tries, and Daphne is much concerned about it as she's afraid her daughter will repeat the same mistake that she made. Things get heated up when Daphne sets out to find Milly the perfect man, and starts to meddles in her daughter's love life.

Dexter - Season 2

During the day, Dexter Morgan is a jovial employee of the Miami Police Department. He is an expert assessment of blood and also the breadwinner, who provides for his sisters. Dexter has a girlfriend with two kids, who love him with all their heart. But he also has a really different life at night ...

Rules of Engagement - Season 1

Two couples and their single friend deal with the complications of dating, commitment and marriage in this series. Folks can describe it to you, but you have to take the trip for yourself to know what it's like.

Live Free Or Die Hard

When a criminal plot is in place to take down the entire computer and technological structure that supports the economy of the United States (and the world), it's up to a decidedly "old school" hero, police detective John McClane, to take down the conspiracy, aided by a young hacker.




Film focuses on an engineer with extremely and meticulous minded, named Ted Crawford and a young ambitious lawyer Willy Beachum. Two people have been drawn into a contest of wills extremely fierce rife with conspiracy and tricks ...

Stuart A Life Backwards

The movie details the remarkable friendship between a reclusive writer and illustrator and a chaotic homeless man, formerly, at various times, a prisoner and a career criminal, who experienced a traumatic event in his childhood.

Diary of the Dead

The movie focuses on a terrified group of college film students who travel across Pennsylvania in hopes of finding refuge at their friend's secluded mansion as they record the pandemic rise of flesh-eating zombies while struggling for their own survival.

Charlie Wilsons War

Charlie Wilson War is a 2007 American film, about a CIA parliamentarian who collaborated with Afghanistan's army to fight against the Soviet Union. They cooperate very successfully but leave a really disastrous consequences. Let's watch movie Charlie Wilson War to know what would happen to them.

Mama's Boy


Mama's Boy

Diane Keaton, Jon Heder and Jeff Daniels star in this comedy drama about Jeffrey Mannus, an eccentric twenty-nine year-old business executive who still lives at home with his mom, Jan, who treats him like he is 10 years old. Jeffrey realizes his sweet set-up is upended when Jan meets Mert, a motivational speaker.

Drive Thru


Drive Thru

Drive-Thru is a horror black comedy film, directed by Brendan Cowles and Shane Kuhn. Horror gets Super Sized when Horny The Clown, the demonic mascot of "Hella-Burger," starts slashing Orange County teenagers with his meat cleaver from Hell.

The Simpsons Movie

In this cinematic version, Homer Simpson once again proves his epic stupidity, by polluting the whole town's water source, making Springfield wrapped in a gigantic dome created by the EPA. Now Homer must finish the quest of his self-redemption: Making it up for Marge, reuniting his family and saving the town from his own mess.

Resident Evil: Extinction

Alice awakens disoriented in a mansion and wanders the wastelands of the Southwestern U.S. She meets a group of survivors who are trying to reach to Alaska. They team up to eliminate the T-virus that threatens to turn every living human to undead zombies, and ensure that the mysterious organization behind the disaster pays the price for their horrific crimes against humanity.

Kickin it Old Skool

The film follows a breakdancer Justin who had fallen into a coma since he was 12 years old because he used a dangerous headspin maneuver to win a dancing contest. Twenty years later, at the age of thirty-two, Justin starts to recover, but he faces some difficulties to adjust his physical conditon and overcome the cultural shock after 20 years with the help of his parents and his girlfriend.

Grace Is Gone


Grace Is Gone

Stanley Philips seems to be desperate when his wife is died in Irag. He is unable to expose the truth which can hurt his daughters. He makes a decision to take them on a road trip which makes him change absolutely.

The Number 23


The Number 23

Walter Sparrow 's life is so peaceful until he discovers a strange novel, The Number 23. Curious about the story, Walter quickly realizes the problems existing in parallel between the story and his real life. Gradually, the world of the book invaded the fact, turns into horro obsession of Walter.

The 4400 - Season 04

The 4400- season 4, an American science fiction TV series is released on June 17, 2007. In the fourth-season opener, the NTAC deals with a new director and a high-school student who developed a special ability after taking promicin. Meanwhile, Tom (Joel Gretsch) visits Isabelle in prison and Diana searches for her sister, who took promicin.

Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium

Set in a magical toy shop which affords adults the opportunity to retain a child's sense of magic and wonder in their lives, the film tells the story of Molly Mahoney, the awkward and insecure manager of Mr. Magorium, after he decides to turn the reins over to her.

Spider-man 3


Spider-man 3

Spider-Man 3 is the next episode of the Spider-Man film series. This time, Peter Parker has seemingly found peace in life with his lover. But his old friend Harry Osborn discovers secrets about Green Goblin armor which his father left.

Heroes - Season 2

In this season, besides the own story of each hero, they have to prevent the Company, an organization that tracks and captures superheroes, from spreading a deadly virus which spells disaster for humanity. They also have to encounter the return of Sylar and the appearance of a new threat, Elle Bishop.
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