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2008 Movie Online

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Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow

The teenage offspring (Noah Crawford, Aidan Drummond, Brenna O'Brien) of famous superheroes must finish the fight their parents started, destroying the machine that defeated their parents.

The Suite Life on Deck - Season 1

The Suite life on Deck is a spin-off of the Disney Chanel Original Series: The Suite life of Zack and Cody. The series follows twin brothers Zack and Cody and hotel heiress London Tipton in a new setting, the SS Tipton, where they attend classes at ‘’ Seven Seas High School’’ on a ship travels around the world.




Sergeant Michael Dunne, a soldier, was seriously wounded in the French battlefield and taken to Calgar. While at a military hospital in Calgary, Michael met Sarah, a mysterious and seductive nurse. Since then, their passionate love had flourished.

Open Season 2


Open Season 2

A fight between the wilds and the pets raises gradually, especially the Pet Paradiso security attacks the wilds. Elliot saves Giselle, then they get married

House M.D. - Season 4

Season 4 of House M.D opens as House opens a competition between forty applicants in order to find out the suitable person to take the places of Chase, Foreman and Cameron. Wilson starts dating Amber, Foreman tries to deal with the problem of being the shadow of House due to similarities in their bahaviour, etc.

Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day

An attempt to gain new employment catapults a dismissed middle-aged London governess into the glamorous world and dizzying social whirl of an American actress and singer, Delysia Lafosse.

Futurama - Season 5

In this season, Fry's old work place, Panucci's Pizza, has been unearthed and preserved as a museum exhibit. Dr. Zoidberg's exuberant celebration of Freedom Day makes him Public Enemy #1.




Based on what happened in the event of 20 July plot in 1944, the film tells the extraordinary story of Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg, a German army officer, key plotter in the cunning plot to assasinate Adolph Hitler and use the Operation Valkyrie - the Hitler's own emergency plan to bring down the Nazi government from the inside.




Fireproof centers on a married couple, Caleb and Catherine Holt, who are not in a good relationship with each other and on the verge of divorcing. However, a procedure called ‘’The Love Dare’’ from Caleb’s father may be a suitable solution to make them love again.

Behind The Wall

At the age of eight, Katelyn saw her mother was brutally murdered right in the lighthouse where her family lived. Then Katelyn father - Christopher - was arrested and accused of murdering his wife. This family event has turned Christopher into a madman, Katelyn also leaves the small town with many painful memories.

Sunshine Barry and the Disco Worms

A lonely worm helps his girlfriend and friends to make the world's greatest disco band. So they can prove other worms that they can do better than others. What will they do? Let's see the film to have fun time.

Stargate: The Ark of Truth

SG-1 discovers a box that they believe contains the Ark of Truth while digging on Dakara, but before they can open it, Ori soldiers arrive, led by Tomin. An old enemy helps the crew of SG-1 search for an ancient device that can defeat Ori.

Black Butler - Season 01

Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji) follows the adventures of Earl Ciel Phantomhive and Sebastian Michaelis, his demon butler, as they take up missions Queen Victoria assigned in order to solve certain mysteries. In season 1, His Butler, Able --- Earl Ciel Phantomhive and his butler Sebastian Michaelis prepare for a visit from Damian, the head of Funtom Company.

The Burning Plain

Sylvia is a professional and cool restaurant manager who is masked with a sexually charged storm from inside. When a strange Mexican encounters her with her secretive past, she traveled into another space and time where all the people there have their own romantic stories. In another trailer, a housewife, Gina has a steamy affair that will put Sylvia and the others on a collision with the huge power of forbidden love.

Four Christmases

When upscale, happily unmarried San Francisco couple Kate and Brad find themselves socked in by fog on Christmas morning, their plans for an exotic vacation fall apart and they must visit all four of their divorced parents on Christmas.

Strange Wilderness

This comedy tells the adventures of Peter Gaulke and his best friend Fred Wolf, a pair of animal enthusiasts who host an ailing wildlife TV show "Strange Wilderness". In order to stop their show's steep ratings decline, set out for the Andes track down the most elusive creature ever to stalk the woodlands - Bigfoot.

The Ultimate Fighter - Season 08

The eighth season was coached by UFC Interim Heavyweight champion Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira and Frank Mir, with lightweights and light heavyweights being the focus for the season. The show was largely dominated by the actions of Junie Browning.




When a spacecraft crashes in Norway during the Iron Age, two figures emerge from the wreckage: Kainan (James Caviezel), an alien soldier, and the Moorwen, his mortal enemy. Kainan must unite the fierce Vikings and hunt the bloodthirsty beast before it kills them all.

Merlin - Season 1

Merlin, Arthur and Camelot must work together to protect the great kingdom against dark sorcery. But Merlin faces a tough challenge in hiding his dark secret from his best friends. Because the only way to fight magic... is with magic.

Let the Right One In

A 12-year-old boy befriends a mysterious young girl whose appearance in town suspiciously coincides with a horrifying series of murders. Eventually, she shares her dark, macabre secret with him, revealing her connection to those bloody killings.

Ben 10 Alien Force - Season 2

Set five years after the end of the original series, Ben Tennyson, now a teenager, once again dons the Omnitrix to protect the earth and other parts of the universe from vilinous alien activity. The Omnitix itself, a wristwatch-shaped device, allows Ben to transform into numberous alien forms, thereby inheriting the unique abilities of that alien race.

The Great Buck Howard

Story about Troy Gable who decides to be a law school drop-out regardless of his father's chagrin, aiming to become a writer. To support himself, the young guy takes the job as an personal assistant to an old fading illusionist The Great Buck Howard.

Sex Drive


Sex Drive

The story of a 18 year-old guy, Lan Lafferty decides to make the trip lasted 500 miles from Chicago to Knoxville with his best friend Lance just to "lose" his virginity. However, Lan can't expect that it's a journey filled with risk and Lan will be taught many life experiences

Fab Five: The Texas Cheerleader Scandal

Based on a story of Michaela Ward, the movie tells about five cheerleaders at McKinney North High school named the “Fab Five” who is disruptive in school and off-campus. Ward is the geography teacher and also the coach of them, but she soon discovers that they often get rude behaviours, break rule, and cause harassments.

Gavin & Stacey - Season 02

Season 2 opens with Newlyweds Gavin and Stacey returning from their honeymoon to a big welcome from both families. However, when Smithy joins them for a celebratory meal out, he seems none too happy with his best friend. As Nessa makes a shocking confession, a tearful Stacey realises she's about to leave home and Pam's friends Dawn (Julia Davis) and Pete Sutcliffe (Adrian Scarborough) are distraught over their threeway situation, the entire evening slowly relocates to the restaurant toilets.

Life On Mars (US) - Season 01

In season 1 opener, after an accident, NYPD detective Sam Tyler inexplicably finds himself back in 1973, where he must help solve a murder that is eerily similar to a case he was investigating in 2008.

Legend Of The Seeker - Season 1

The series follows the journeys of the woodsman Richard Cypher, who, with the help of the wizard Zedd and mysterious Kahlan, defends the people of their realm against tyranny and destruction.

Never Back Down

The film begins with the story of a guy,Jake Taylor. He always blames himself that he caused the death of his father. He has a fight with his friends when they annoy him about it. When his mother and brother move to a new place, he is dragged into trouble because of attending a party...

Californication - Season 2

Season 2 opens with Hank and Karen planning to move back to New York and Hank undergoes a vasectomy; later, Hank being arrested by the police and sent to prison, there he meets record producer Lew Ashby, who asks Hank to write his biography.

Day of the Dead

When a mysterious deadly virus infects a small Colorado town, the military is assigned to stop its spreading by implementing a quarantine. As the situation gets out of control and the infected people are turned to the walking dead - they brutally attack the immuned for flesh and blood; the military and remaining survivors must stick together to fend off the zombies and try to run away in one piece.
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