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2012 Movie Online

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Robert Miller seems maybe to lose everything when he gets a dangerous error. The millionaire have to find the way to protect financial empire and his happy family.

Under the Bed


Under the Bed

After two-year exile, Neal comes back home and tries to have a normal life. But, Neal gets a nightmare which is from under the bed so he teams up with his younger brother to pass through hard...

New Girl - Season 2

Jess spent many affairs with Paul, Russell and now she is still single ... Jess has been fired from her teaching job, and a new aspect of Winston was revealed after drinking a glass of water at...

Tooth Fairy 2


Tooth Fairy 2

After Larry Guthrie gets problem with his first lover , he determines to win her heart back with a special plan. He becomes a volunteer for the local children at her afterschool program. Suddenly,...

Underworld: Awakening (2012)

Vampire girl - Selene officially wakes up in an incubator after 12 years in detention under frozen conditions, surrounded by snorkel, water pipes etc... Humans have discovered the existence of...




After watching the video sent by Dan, Tom struggles desperately to forget what he saw – an ugly secret. And more videos are continually sent by an unnamed source make their life become a nightmare.

Paranormal Activity 4

Five years have passed since Katie and her sister's son Hunter were missing, and now a suburban family experiences strange scary events in their neighborhood when a woman and a mysterious child move...

Whitechapel - Season 2

Come to twins Ronnie and Reggie Kray ruled the East End of London, bringing murder and violence to the streets of Whitechapel. When a man's mutilated body surfaces in the Thames, Chandler and his...




The story of Christine and Isabelle, two successful and famous women. They have been best friends for a long time until they are involved in an international transaction. Christine meets her own men,...

Paranormal Witness - Season 2

Season 2 opens with a young mother in suburban California claiming to be terrorized by the spirit of an old man in the attic of her home, and a team of paranormal investigators claims to be...

Cowgirls n' Angels

Ida' s talent for trick riding is recognized by former rodeo star Terence Parker, who then recruits her as a new member of his team. Ida soon finds herself passionate with the sport. The young girl...

Anna Karenina (2012)

The film is set in late-19th-century Russian high society. It was the time when St. Petersburg aristocrat Anna Karenina enters into a life-changing affair with the dashing Count Alexei Vronsky.

RuPaul's Drag Race - Season 4

Continuing the previous season, thirteen new queens begin their quests for the title of "America's Next Drag Superstar," but first must survive drag zombies and the end of the world. After revealing...

Night of the Living Dead Resurrection (2012)

The dead rise with a hunger for living flesh, and cities are soon overrun. A family takes refuge in their remote farmhouse but paranoia and fear grip each member of the family as they come under...

Ice Age: Continental Drift

Scrat pursues the cursed acorn and creates an awful cataclysm which breaks and drift continents. Manny, Sid and Diego embark upon another adventure with an iceberg as a ship. They encounter sea...

Saturday Morning Mystery

Directed by Spencer Parsons, "Saturday Morning Mystery" is a dark and bloody parody about a Scooby-Doo-like team of paranormal investigators and their devoted dog.

Bobs Burgers - Season 2

In the beginning of season 2, his kids is influenced by tales and try to find treasury in an abandoned plant. His wife must find them before people destroy the factory and bury them in the mess.

Gintama - Season 8

Gintama is an animation, action, comedy film. It is also the comic adventures of a samurai having to live in an alternate history of Japan occupied by aliens. And the last season of the film...

Here Comes the Boom

Once a collegiate wrestler, Scott Voss (Kevin James) is now a 42-year-old, apathetic biology teacher in a failing high school.But in order to raise money to prevent extra-curricular activities from...

Gintama - Season 7 (Gintama 2015)

With Kintoki Sakata still having the favor of everyone around due to his manipulation, It's up to Tama and Sadaharu (the only two who've not been affected due to being a machine and an animal...

Sin Reaper


Sin Reaper

A horror film of Sebastian Bartolitius, follows Young Samantha Walker - a woman who has been obsessed by nightmarish illusion for a long time. By dint of the help from Dr. Hoffman, she has confronted...

To Write Love On Her Arms

Based on the true story of Renee Yohe and her battle with drugs, depression, and other life issues that ultimately leads to the founding of charity group To Write Love on Her Arms.

The Words


The Words

Rory Jansen is a novelist at the height of fame with the top-seller. However, behind it is a terrible secret: Jansen who plagiarized other people and never manually wrote any files at all. The more...

Strawberry Summer

Sparks fly between a troublemaking country singer (Trevor Donovan) and a festival organizer (Julie Mond). As they spend more time together, they each encourage the other to realize their deepest...

Moonrise Kingdom

Film is set in New England in the 1960s, a couple was in love fled New England town, making a local search team radiating to search to both of them and the lives of the townspeople were upside down,...

Trouble With The Curve

In the film, Clint Eastwood plays Gus, an old baseball coach. He goes many places to recruit and he goes with his lovely daught Mickey. Johnny - his opponents meets Mickey and accidentally fall in...

Fat Kid Rules the World

Troy Billing is an overweight high school student. One day he tries to suicide and he is saved by Curt MacCrae. After that, MacCrae insists that they create a band together with Troy playing drums...

Full House Take 2

A hapkido teacher named Jang Man-ok (Hwang Jung-eum; Man-ok means "full house" in Hanja) poses as a stylist for top idol group TAKE ONE and moves into the band's luxurious house, which superstar...

Geordie Shore - Season 4

In this season, the Geordie Shore gang are back with a bang. Later, they throw Ricci and Vicky an engagement party to remember. With Ricci and Sophie having been asked to leave the house, the rest of...

Offender (2012)

The film centers on a hard grafting, 20-year-old working-class man, Tommy Nix, who tries to avoid getting mixed up with the wrong crowd until his girlfriend and unborn child fall victims to a...
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